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Science Lab

Micro Assistance


From improving your domain's technical value chain, to the results seen on every penny you spend to improve sales - we cover it all. Each email you send, each product you sell, each service you offer - boom it with our expert consultants.

More Customers

Everything you do in a business, every penny you spend, every social media post, every word you speak or think - is it not for increasing your customer base? If you trust your business, don't let it become stale due to stagnant sales.

Ultimate Experience

Through our simplified coaching and mentoring strategies curated by startup coaches and mentors in Pune, startups will often witness fast-tracked mechanisms of business growth.

Social Media

A 1000 likes per week may not translate to a single sale of your product. Sometimes 10 likes a month may get you a sale done. Understand the micro-strategies behind social media effectiveness today!

B2B and B2G

If you are exclusively into B2C (your Business to Customers), get onboarded into a B2B (your Business to other Businesses) / B2G (Government) network. And vice-versa through our innovative channel growth practices, multi-hierarchy services etc.

Supply Chain

Whether it is a part of product packaging and labelling, or that last-mile effectiveness to perform better than other brands; our micro assistance on granular details will always be worthwhile.

Wise Counsels

Remember that business is a game of patience after you have done maximum from your end. And while you aim to do more than your maximum, it is a symptom of being impatient to growth. Seek our wise counsels to ensure your balance sheets keep you happy everyday!

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